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Supporting vulnerable children and adults

Improving Life Outcomes

Supporting vulnerable children and adults

Improving Life Outcomes


At Spire Barristers we are very aware of the difficulties that care experienced adults or adults with either learning or physical disabilities face in trying to obtain the support and assistance that they need. 


Our Mission

Our aim is to help individuals to enable them to advance themselves, improving their life outcomes, and their interactions with the care system where appropriate.

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It is intended to offer grants from our fundraising which will go some way to improving their quality of life. It will be targeted towards individuals in the North of England the areas of Education, Training or Other educational projects that those individuals wish to get involved in.

For example through the funding of courses or work placements, or other means including funds for equipment or assistive technology. 

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If you would like to support us, you can by becoming a supporter. To download your form click Download below. 

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